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Tax Planning Concepts

ArrowInternational tax planning and application of tax treaties
ArrowChoice of legal entity
ArrowTax minimization analysis
ArrowMinimization of U.S. State taxation
ArrowDevelopmental formation of funds and private placements
ArrowStructuring of private capital investments and partnerships
ArrowStrategies for company ownership succession and estate and gift tax planning
ArrowFeasibility Studies

Tax Opinions

ArrowTax opinions for mergers and acquisitions
ArrowTax opinions for reorganizations and capital restructuring, divestitures, liquidations, introduction and withdrawal of partners and shareholders, etc.
ArrowOpinions regarding accounting and tax accounting issues
ArrowTax opinions on contracts and agreements

Implementation of Business Concepts

ArrowIncorporations and creation of Partnerships or Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
ArrowAcquisitions and/or sales of businesses
ArrowReal estate transactions (sale, purchase, like-kind exchange, etc.)
ArrowLeasing concepts
ArrowDue diligence studies
ArrowJoint ventures and other participations and interests
ArrowTax-optimized financing and cross-border financing structures

Ongoing Tax Consulting

ArrowPreparation of Federal, State and Local tax returns
ArrowComputation of estimated tax payments and withholding taxes
ArrowPrivate Letter Rulings
ArrowAssistance in tax audits and negotiations with tax authorities
ArrowAssistance in tax investigations
ArrowGuidance with customs issues
ArrowAssistance in estate and gift tax matters
ArrowCompliance with reporting, registration, and licensing on all levels of governmental tax administration

Compliance Accounting and Financial

ArrowAssistance in implementing accounting and management information systems
ArrowPreparation of management reports and interim financial statements
ArrowPreparation of financial statements (compilations) according to German GAAP (HGB), U.S. GAAP and International GAAP (IAS)
ArrowConsulting services on the preparation of annual financial statements
ArrowConsulting services during external audits
ArrowPreparation of special purpose financial statements
ArrowTreasury and cash management services
ArrowFamily or back-office bookkeeping and accounting services

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